Welcome to the Leader Support page! Here you can obtain tools to help you implement rank-advancement trainings. While Share Success tools can be implemented in so many ways, below you will find a few favorites that have proven to be successful for many top-ranking leaders.



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Monthly Launch Day Trainings

“I believe the faster and more clearly we can help a new Wellness Advocate see and feel the mission of doTERRA, the quicker we can help them understand the power of empowering others through building a doTERRA business. The Launch Your Biz 4-part training (4-5 hours) teaches everything a new wellness advocate needs to know in a simple, exciting and easy to follow format.”
— Kyle Kirschbaum, doTERRA Presidential Diamond

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You can generate massive momentum by leveraging the excitement and activity of a dedicated group on Facebook. 30, 60, and 90 day experiences have been proven to increase accountability, keep builders focussed on a target, and grow ranks as participants experience building in a group setting.


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Introducing the Launch Guide as THE primary tool for launching new builders, and pairing that with a monthly FB coaching group has been an extraordinary leap forward to clarifying, simplifying, expediting, and improving the process of starting a doTERRA businesses. 
— Laura Jacobs, doTERRA Presidential Diamond

I can’t believe the amazing work that has been accomplished in just the few weeks of these Facebook missions! I love the community that we are building here! I couldn’t be more proud of people stepping outside of their comfort zone, to reach their dreams and help others along the way.
— Jeanette Fransen, doTERRA Blue Diamond