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Strategies to Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs – Seantay Hall
Leadership Recap – Andy & Natalie Goddard
Beyond Financial Fitness – Easton Kelsey & Andy Goddard
Creating a Strengths Based Culture – Jeremie Brecheisen & the Goddards
How we went Presidential – Ky & Zia Nix
Post-Convention Blues – Roxane Bybee
Love them No Matter What – Natalie Goddard
Get Your Volume Back – Andy Goddard
How to Create Abundance – Andy & Natalie Goddard
Law of Vision: Immersion – Andy Goddard
Intention without Attachment – Andy Goddard
Strategic Placements – Melyna Harrison
Create a Stage – Andy Goddard
Increase Belief – Laura Jacobs
Choose Love – Andy Goddard
When Conflict Arises – Roxane Bybee
Strategies for Presidential – John & Melyna Harrison
Belief & Duplication – Rebecca and Jessica
No Excuses Attitude & Teachability – Andy Goddard
Gratitude Statements – Roxane Bybee
November 17
November 10
Needs to go Pres – Blues & Natalie Goddard
Launching Elites – Laura Jacobs
Gratitude & Holding a Space for Builders – Roxane Bybee
Create Massive Value, Open to New Abundance – Natalie Goddard
Blueprint for Happiness – Andy & Dr. Wally Goddard
New Level, New Devil – Natalie Goddard & Roxane Bybee
Accountability Dialog & Afformations – Laura Jacobs
Rank Advancement – Melyna, Kiyla, & Laura
China, Diamond Mastermind, Fly-in – Andy & Natalie Goddard
How to Involve Your Family – Gibb Dyer
Product Adoption Curve – Goddards
Clear Your Financial Blocks – Andy Goddard
Stories of Presidentials & Blues


Travel Agent: Brad Clawson
Estate & Tax Planning: York Howell


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