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of so much more than you think you are


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Did you know there are Facebook groups from doTERRA for the leadership ranks? Search for the Silver, Gold/Platinum, Diamond, Blue/Presidential, Presidential Facebook groups as you rank advance.

3. Connect with others at your rank worldwide

Stay connected to your team and the greater online doTERRA community through team Facebook groups, the Share Success Facebook page, doTERRA's Instagram and Facebook, as well as connecting using tools like Marco Polo and Zoom.

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Events build belief and fosterconnection. Attending events is the single most important and effective way to nurture growth.Be sure to prioritize getting to local and regional events puton by doTERRA.

1. Attend events




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“I believe the faster and more clearly we can help a new Wellness Advocate see and feel the mission of doTERRA, the quicker we can help them understand the power of empowering others through building a doTERRA business. The Launch Your Biz 4-part training (4-5 hours) teaches everything a new wellness advocate needs to know in a simple, exciting and easy to follow format.”
— Kyle Kirschbaum, doTERRA Presidential Diamond

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While Share Success tools can be implemented in so many ways, when you click the link below you will find a few favorites that have proven to be successful for many top-ranking leaders.

 There you can obtain tools to help you implement rank-advancement trainings and more.

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for breakthrough coaching in your business. Wednesdays 7:30am PST | 8:30am MST | 10:30am EST

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