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  1. What exactly are essential oils?
  2. How are the essential oils used and what for?
  3. How do I know what essential oils I need?
  4. What are all the different ways I can apply and use essential oils?
  5. How often should I use essential oils?
  6. Should I dilute essential oils? If so, how?
  7. How do I care for the oils?
  8. Can I put several oils on at once?
  9. What is the best way to take oils internally?
  10. How do you know what is the best way to apply an oil, or is there one application the works for all oils?
  11. What should I expect when using essential oils?
  12. How do I know when an oil is for the emotional side or the physical side?
  13. What is the difference between single oils and blends?
  14. There are other ingredients in our products – ie: massage blend. Where can you find info on ALL product contents (not just the oils included in the product)?
  15. What does LRP mean and how does it benefit me?


  1. How safe are essential oils?
  2. Should I talk to my doctor about using essential oils?
  3. Should I take any safety precautions when using essential oils?
  4. Will the oils interfere with my prescription medicine?
  5. Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?
  6. Can anyone do the aroma therapy Technique? And can you mess it up or hurt someone?
  7. Are the oils safe and effective to use for house cleaning?


  1. Is there any real science behind essential oils?
  2. Are there different grades of essential oils? What is the company difference?
  3. How potent are the essential oils?
  4. What is the source of the essential oils?



  1. Do I have to talk to my friends and family?
  2. What do I say about MLM questions?
  3. Do I have to host parties?
  4. How do you invite someone to a class?
  5. How do you introduce someone to Essential Oils in a conversation?
  6. How do you qualify someone?
  7. How do I do this business if I’m shy?
  8. How do I introduce/share about Essential Oils to friends that live far away?
  9. How do I share oils most effectively?
  10. How can I prepare great oil samples?
  11. How can I successfully close a class?
  12. How can I explain the different kit options?
  13. How can I explain the difference between a wholesale account and just buying retail?
  14. How do I do a Wellness Consult?


  1. Once somebody signs up, then what?
  2. How do I find leaders?
  3. I have a leader with a bunch of people under them who is not acting like a leader. What do I do?
  4. How do I better understand those I am working with and better nurture them where thy’re at so they can grow?
  5. How can I be a better mentor?
  6. How do I identify and place leaders?
  7. How can I best set myself up for success to reach my rank advancement goals?
  8. How can I maximize my ability to succeed?
  9. How can I partner with more rock stars?
  10. How can I use strategy to create success?
  11. How can I use strategy in a loving way that strengthens my team?


  1. Can I make money here?
  2. How do I make money?
  3. How fast can I make money?
  4. Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
  5. What is a reasonable goal to set for myself?
  6. What is the average income for reach rank?
  7. How many hours per week will I have to work?
  8. What exactly do I do?
  9. I’ve heard Diamond Club is a fast track. What is it?
  10. Which tools do I buy first?
  11. How many oils do I need to have right away?
  12. How do I sign someone up?
  13. Once somebody signs up, then what?
  14. How do I know if I can really be successful at this business?
  15. My friend is going to host a class for me. Who gets the credit? Who gets the people?
  16. Can I surpass my sponsor?
  17. Can I set up an auto payment of my commissions and avoid the check fee?
  18. What is compression and what are its effects?
  19. How do I get my LRP paid for?
  20. How can I share the business opportunity?
  21. How can I share the Live Guide?
  22. How can I explain what a business actually looks like?
  23. What are some of the most effective tools I can use to support success?
  24. How do I create loyal customers?
  25. I just want to make money and I like the oils. Will this work?
  26. I work so hard and the paychecks don’t seem to compensate for the number of hours I put in. Am I doing something wrong?
  27. Is there a way to transfer out of your upline leader’s team and into another if there is a personality conflict?
  28. What do you do when your upline disconnects?
  29. How can I get my questions answered without constantly bugging my upline?