Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Oils


Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oil science




30. How can I get my questions answered without constantly bugging my upline? 

29. What do you do when your upline disconnects?

28. Is there a way to transfer out of your upline leader's team and into another if there is a personality conflict?

27. I work so hard and the paychecks don't seem to compensate for the number of hours I put in. Am I doing something wrong?

26. I just want to make money and I like the olis. Will this work?

25. How do I create loyal customers?

24. What are some of the most effective tools I can use to support success?

23. How can I explain what a business actually looks like?

22. How can I share the Live Guide?

21. How can I share the business opportunity?

20. How do I get my LRP paid for?

19. What is compression and what are its effects?

18. Can I set up an auto payment of my commissions and avoid the check fee?

17. Can I surpass my sponsor?

16. When is it beneficial for a business to sign up as a Preferred Member?

15. My friend is going to host a class for me. Who gets the credit? Who gets the people?

14. How do I know if I can really be successful at this business?

13. Once somebody signs up, then what?

12. How do I sign someone up?

11. How many oils do I need to have right away?

10. Which tools do I buy first?

9. I've heard Diamond Club is a fast track. What is it?

8. What exactly do I do?

7. How many hours per week will I have to work?

6. What is the average income for reach rank?

5. What is a reasonable goal to set for myself?

4. Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

3. How fast can I make money?

2. How do I make money?

1. Can I make money here?


What is required to do the challenge?

1. Internet access and an up-to-date browser
2. An account at
3. Other tools will be required to get full points (Modern Essentials, sample vials, Class Handouts, etc.)