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Tips from Alisse Coil

Building in the Philippines? You are in for an amazing adventure! Although Rick and I are far from experts, we have made plenty of mistakes, learned some valuable lessons and had a few great victories. So here is a list of some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” we have gathered during this journey.

  • Plan on making money right away
  • Plan on changing lives and making amazing friendships.
  • Define what you have to invest (time and money)and focus on making an impact
  • Be the middle man
  • Train your WAs to utilize doTERRA as their resource ( for customer service. Be their upline, not the go between with doTERRA.
  • Plan on them paying for their own shipping while the Philippines is Global Access
  • Find the best shipping option and stick with it; if you need help financially present a solid plan to your upline and ask 🙂 I will share who I use at the bottom of this list
  • Try to reinvent the wheel
  • Stick with the basics and trust the process, the PIPES are key!
  • YES, they can afford the enrollment kits, teach them how to create value by filling each person’s need.
  • Think this will be easy
  • Plan how you will support your team there or your downline with contacts in the Philippines.
  • How and when will you communicate? Remember the time difference and plan for it!
  • How will you train them?
  • When will you travel there and how often?
  • Take the excuse that the economy is too depressed or it’s too hard
  • Teach them the true definition of residual income.
  • Find someone you trust, with sales experience who lives in the Philippines or is Filipino who can walk them through the ups and downs.
  • I use a shipping broker located in San Francisco. There are other options, but I like that Timmy ships on a passenger airline so the products arrive every week and all the taxes and fees are paid up front. ($10/pound) He ships every Thursday morning and products are at the warehouse in Manila the next Monday.

    I mail packages to the recipient on my team in c/o Timmy Bernardino
    180 So. Spruce Ave Suite H
    So San Francisco CA 94080

    Please call or email him before you send packages so he knows who to bill, you will pay him through PayPal email, phone (650) 888-8262