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How Do I Create a Leadership Mindset? – Kierston Kirschbaum
Achieving Success At Your Own Pace – Eliza Yoshida
Reaching Your Business Goals – Brittany Miles
Abandoning the Fear of Failure – Laurel Kimball
Time Management Tips – Ginna Cross
Visualize Your Success – Leonani Puailihau
How to Master and Maximize Your Time – Natalia Angulo
Making Magic in Your Business – Amanda Harris
Kick Excuses to the Curb – Kristen Yousef
How to Work Smarter and Not Harder at Your Business – Samantha Lotus
Being a Product of the Product – Kelly Mallison
The Balancing Act of Running Your Business – Suzana Maia and Marcus Mendonca
Climbing Despite the Height – Stephanie Kutterer


Have Fun with doTERRA Sun – Nicole Moultrie
Learn How to Teach Online and Tackle Wellness Consults – Laura Jacobs, Michelle Cannon, and Lori Hayes


3 Tips for Maintaining a Successful Team Relationship – Claudia Bolanos
Leading Your Business with a Cause – Cheri Evans
Experience the Business Benefits of Events – Michelle Asmus
How to Help Your Team Members Grow – Audrey Saunders
Is It Too Late to Join US Founders 2.0 Club? – Britt Yap
Constructing Your Community – Erin Wilkins
Level Up Your Social Media and Business Structure – Elizabeth and Noah Parsons
Social Media Strategies – Erika Garza
What is doTERRA Social? – John Dye and Melody Watts
How Can I Help My Team Members Become Independent? – Suzanne Hall
How Can I Create a Culture of Giving in My Business? – Gina Truman and Missy Larsen
Top Tips for Reaching Diamond – Amber and Chad Drake
dōTERRA Healing Hands™: Growing Your Business with Heart – Seth Risenmay and Missy Larsen
How Can I Care for My Customers Authentically? – Emily Ridout
How Do I Foster Belief in Myself and My Team Members? – Stephanie Kutterer
Healing through Hope – Steve and Chelsea Scott
Building Real Business Relationships – Liliya Zotta
Leading with Love – Peggy Smith
Top Tips for Staying Consistent with Your Business – Laura Labeau
The Power of Continuing Education – Jen Frey
How Do I Host a Convention Watch Party? – Bailey King
How to Maximize Your Virtual Trainings – Tatiana Grant
Learn How To Launch Your New Builder – Daniela Romay
How to Create a Lifelong Customer and Increase Your Retention – Lil Shepherd
How to Utilize the New Business Building Course – Empowered Success Committee
How to Build a Business Online – Nicole Chase

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Releasing Tools:
Forgiveness: Part 1
Forgiveness: Part 2 – The Work
Forgiveness: Part 3 – Ask Forgiveness
Forgiveness: Part 4 – Don’t want to forgive? (Rock) | Follow-up
Make Your BRR List
Foundation for Your Mentoring
I Like Myself
Forgiving an Ex-Husband

Empowering Tools:
Turn Your Mess Into Your Message
Achieve Your Goals With an Egg
Remember Your Goals With a Penny
Accomplishment Energy
How to Know You’re on the Right Path
Relationship of One
You Make Up the Rules
How to Get Your Goals
Make Mistakes
Find the Principle
How to Get Your Spouse On Board/Reach Your Audience | Diagram
Use It or Lose It
Duplication in a Different Light
Stop Shoulding on Yourself
Create Space: Chaos to Order

Mentor Tools:
See, Say, Hear, Feel | Diagram
Keep Your Cup Full
Self Evaluation
Being Human | Diagram


Become Business Building Certified with this world class online training course brought to you by dōTERRA & top leaders.

The Best Intro To Oils Class

The most important class for every doTERRA business builder to learn and master is the Natural Solutions Class. Understanding and being able to effectively teach the principles therein will support you in confidently being able to share doTERRA anytime, anywhere. Learn from the Natural Solutions Class training videos and feel free to share them as desired.

Natural Solutions Class


Advancement Video Training Library

These videos will give you added insights in your rank development process

Be You Training

Of all the trainings out there, few have changed our life and the lives of those we have sent to it as much as the Be You training. The breakthroughs and growth possible from attending are incredible. We’d love for you to benefit from this training as you feel inspired to attend.

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